Ambitious New Year’s Resolution

I have no self discipline, no routines and get too easily distracted to stay with something for long.

So I have made an impossible resolution (for me) inspired by the blog in the movie Julie & Julia.

I thought I might do a painting of every restaurant on the Danforth (here in Toronto, Canada). I stated counting. Wow! I am over 200 restaurants already!  Even at one a week this goal would take over 4 years.  Too ambitious.  So let me reduce this to say that I will begin at the east end of the Danforth and paint as many restaurants as  can in 2010.

… and I don’t mean one of those ‘A Painting a Day’ type plans where the canvases are 4 v 6 inches. Oh no.  At this early phase of forming my plan I am thinking 3 feet x 5 feet for the larger ones and 2 ft x 3 ft for the smaller ones.

Think of the costs.  Even the canvases for 200 paintings would be $10,000 for the 3ft x 5ft ones!!! plus paint, etc.

Then I would have the absolute need for good weather and lots of time, and storage.


I am very busy until April. I might get started a bit but at that point, unless something  lucrative shows up, I will begin in ernest.

Hello 2010.

Gary Smith


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